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A variety of products, listed below, are available to buy from the Guiseley clinic or to order by telephone. We have a selection of specialist foot moisturisers, padding materials and simple insoles, all to compliment our treatment regimes. Bespoke insoles
and orthoses will only be prescribed during a biomechanical assessment.

Creams and moisturisers


moisturiser specially formulated for the feet


A heavy duty moisturiser for feet, especially good for cracked heels See Flexitol

Marigold Therapy

all products associated with Marigold Therapy are available to buy



We supply a wide range of pads including; bunion shields, toe shields (large or small), toe props and toe spreaders.

toe and bunion pads

Orthoses & Insoles

These are used to treat biomechanical problems. We use a variety of orthoses and insoles, including Vectorthotics, as well as bespoke casted orthoses.

Poron Insoles

a simple slim-line cushioning insole, fits into most shoes

Double poron insoles

slightly thicker cushioned insole, suitable for larger shoes or walking boots, with built in memory to help even out excess pressures across the foot

Memory foam insoles

a slightly thicker insole designed to cushion, but also with memory to even out excess pressures across the foot.


an insole heat moulded to fit your foot, to support and correct any abnormalities.

Casted Functional Orthoses

a plaster cast is made of the foot onto which a suitable material is then vacuum moulded to fit perfectly the contours of the foot and correct any abnormalities.


yaktrax essential winter show wear from chiropody and podiatry services, aka the foot people, aka andrew and kath lindsay


Essential winter wear! Yaktrax coils fasten to the soles of any shoes or boots giving you confidence when walking on ice or snow.


There are some shoe companies we recommend;

And for children, have a look at the children's foot health register

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available for all occasions and make a lovely gift!

chiropody and podiatry services vouchers

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