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Heel pain can be a debilitating complaint stopping you carrying out the activities you want to do.

It can be brought on by many reasons including.

  • Simply walking or standing for a longer time than you normally do.
  • If you’re a runner and you’ve recently increased your mileage to do a park run, a marathon or even an ultramarathon then unprepared tissues can be stressed and cause the pain.
  • Carrying extra weight also puts greater loads and stresses on the body and ultimately down to the feet which can lead to heel pain.
  • Many people in an attempt to loose weight use exercise to help which once again can lead to developing heel pain.


The term Plantar Fasciitis is often used to describe Heel Pain but the plantar fascia is only one structure within the complex anatomy of the foot. There are over forty reasons why you could get heel pain.

For more information please watch the video below or if you need our help or if you’d like to try a few exercises to help yourself click below.


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