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chiropody and podiatry services, the foot peopleWhat is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy literally means 'treatment using cold temperatures'. Here at Chiropody and Podiatry Services we use the Cryopen. The Cryopen is a small device that freezes tissue to -89C, it delivers a coolant in a precise jet allowing precision treatment of verrucae. This precision reduces injury to surrounding healthy tissues thus reducing pain during treatment. The freezing process is very steady, taking approximately 5 seconds to go 1mm deep. 

An overview of the treatment

The verruca is first reduced by gently pairing away any excess overlying skin and callus. The lesion is then frozen for a maximum of 30 seconds, allowed to thaw and then refrozen as before. The area may be painful the following day but after that it is usually pain free. A follow up appointment takes place about a month later and further treatment cycles undertaken for up to 5 months. Verrucae are resilient viruses so often more than one treatment is required, the treatment is successful in about 70% of cases. The older or larger the verruca, the more difficult it is to cure.

chiropody and podiatry services

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